Partner HDi

Compact yet spacious; the all-new Peugeot Partner offers an affordable option for any young expanding business.

Action Bar Slide Out Toggle

Cruise control + speed limiter
Multi-Flex bench seat
Width of 640 mm and a useful height of 1100 mm

Peugeot Partner 

Reliability to the max

An easy loading rear door makes loading quick and painless, saving your business valuable time.Sliding doors give ease of access for tight spaces, allowing your business to deliver like never before and in record time. Durable hingeless sliding doors are up to the challenge of day-to-day commerce, ensuring that the Peugeot Partner stays your partner for many years to come.

Efficiency in comfort

To allow your driver to do long distance deliveries Peugeot has kitted out the Partner to ensure your driver remains alert and refreshed on even the longest journeys. Bluetooth access in combination with a cutting-edge air-conditioning system ensures that the Peugeot Partner is comfortable in any environment. Seating up to three people, the new Peugeot Partner has more than enough capacity for all your freight needs.

Performance like never before

The Peugeot Partner's new 1.6 litre diesel engine is more economical than ever before, giving you reduced running costs and carbon emissions. A 6-speed manual gearbox allows any experienced driver to maximise the Partner’s economy, allowing the profits of your business to go through the roof.

Take your business to the top and call today to book a test drive in the new Peugeot Partner.