About Us

Klerksdorp and our dealership

Agenbag Peugeot is a premium car dealership that sells both new and used Peugeot vehicles to the wider Klerksdorp area. Our focus on customer satisfaction is a top priority.

Agenbag Motor Group

The Agenbag Motor Group consists of various dealerships that stock a variety of models from different brands. We are all about building great relationships with our clients by reducing prices and improving service across our dealerships. No matter which store you visit, our Agenbag customer care will make your next car purchase an absolute pleasure.

The Peugeot brand

The partnership between Agenbag and Peugeot means that with our dual emphasis on quality and performance, the Agenbag team and Peugeot cars are ready to give you the driving experience you deserve. Give us a call today if you are interested in any of our cars.