Bolero Maxitruck Plus

The Bolero MaxiTruck Plus is a utility vehicle that cannot be missed. With its unique design and its impressive capabilities, it fits right in to the Mahindra brand.

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Large Cargo Box
Vehicle Immobilizer
Power Turbo Engine

Bolero Maxi Truck Plus

You will see it coming

Mahindra strives to create vehicles that are easily identified as part of their brand. The Bolero MaxiTruck Plus is no exception. Fitted with square headlights, a vertically slotted grille and an extended bonnet, the utility vehicle stands out from the crowd. The Bolero MaxiTruck Plus also provides functionality in its design. By enlarging its load box, the utility vehicle not only gives you more space to load, but also more to admire.

As tough as it gets

The Bolero MaxiTruck Plus has managed to provide a fuel-efficient engine that can take on a challenge. The utility vehicle comes with a turbodiesel engine, not only doubling down on efficiency, but also ensuring you have what it takes to carry your load. The direct-injection unit provides a staggering fuel efficiency of 7 l/100km while still promising an extended service life.

Nothing short of long-term

The perfect utility vehicle won’t let you down in the long run. The Bolero MaxiTruck Plus has been designed and engineered to not only do the job well, but to keep doing so for long after. The utility vehicle is here to get the job done, time and time again.

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