Service and Parts

Need new parts or spares?

With the help of Kia South Africa, Agenbag Kia Motors source you genuine Kia parts both affordably and quickly. For everything you could possibly need from parts to spares, our trained mechanics will take care of everything, allowing you to stay relaxed at all times.

Many hands make for quick work

Modern workshop facilities and experienced mechanics work together to get your car spick, span and on the road again. Our Kia sourced parts are not only affordable but guaranteed to work well with your car, and our world-class mechanics will work efficiently so you can get on with your life as soon as possible.

Contact us for more information

Here at Agenbag Kia, our mechanics are ready to quickly get your Kia back up and running with genuine Kia parts, keeping your stress down to a minimum. Simply send us a message on Facebook or our website to have one of our consultants get back to you.