Lightweight and agile; the KIA Picanto screams fun, making it the perfect car for any young and energetic driver.

Action Bar Slide Out Toggle

7”colour touchscreen audio
Bluetooth with Voice Recognition
ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

KIA Picanto

Efficiency is the name of the game

Nimble and efficient; the KIA Picanto confidently handles the narrow streets of the inner city. With a choice between a compact yet feisty 1.0 litre or a dynamic 1.2 litre engine, KIA leaves you in good hands with the new Picanto. Choose between a convenient 4-speed automatic transmission and an efficient 5-speed manual gearbox, giving you an energetic and efficient hatchback for all your inner city driving needs.

Stylish and spacious

The KIA Picanto’s spacious layout coupled with an advanced entertainment system provides an enjoyable ride for the driver and passengers. Temperature control and motor-driven power steering are two of many thrilling features provided to ensure a comfortable drive. Refined leather trim seats are both luxurious and easy to clean.

Advanced safety

The KIA Picanto features a finely tuned braking system which works alongside both ABS and high traction tyres, ensuring maximum stopping power is reached. An advanced high strength frame is built into the vehicle, enhancing the safety of the cabin.

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