Efficient and powerful; the new KIA 2500 is the perfect addition to any young business, give yourself an extra edge against the competition with the all-new KIA K2500.

Action Bar Slide Out Toggle

Front open panel
Folding-type stopper
Multifunctional centre console

KIA K2500

Work focused design

Both adaptable and proficient, the new and improved KIA K2500 will make light work of all your business' freight needs. A large loading bin works together with an easy access tailgate to make loading and unloading the K2500 more efficient than ever.

Arrive relaxed and refreshed

Driving a commercial vehicle has never been so comfortable. Durable fabric seats offer both hardiness and lumbar support, letting your driver arrive alert and ready for action. A multifunctional centre console offers not only storage but also other means of organisation such as cup holders and a central storage tray.

Integrated safety features

While the K2500 comes equipped with traditional safety features it is also fitted with commerce-centred safety features that will allow you to make your workplace safer and more efficient. An example of this would be the folding-type stopper which allows you to easily and safely transport long cargo.

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