Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Hyundai’s vision of the perfect urban SUV to life.

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Bold Eye-Catching Exterior
Interior Impressive 7 Seater Interior
Safety State-Of-The-Art Safety Features

Santa Fe

Eye-catching and thoughtful

Have you seen what all the hype is about? The new 2.2 litre Hyundai Santa Fe sets a new standard in design, with a great assortment of features to take care of your comfort, driving and entertainment needs. The slim headlights of the Santa Fe are eye-catching and unique, with a honeycomb grille that compliments its modern shape and forward-moving spirit.

What sets the Santa Fe apart?

How about a focus on quality, comfort and performance that you’d struggle to find elsewhere? The Santa Fe has been fitted with intuitive systems that aid your driving and which help to make interior conditions the best they can be. A 7” infotainment system allows you to control internal settings and driving features easily with the option of hands-free use (iPhone and Android compatible) available whenever you need it.

Focused design and purpose

The awesome look and potential of the Santa Fe makes it a great car to own. Available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive as well as a selection of colours, the Santa Fe can be made to match your needs.

Call us today to find out about the new Santa Fe: a car designed to leave an impression.