Thoughtful engineering sets the KONA apart from other SUVs and makes it a car with a decidedly Hyundai character.

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Style Tells a Story From Every Angle
Technology Infotainment System with Apple CarPlay
Spacious Fitting For All Your Needs


Classic style and performance

The KONA embodies the modern spirit that Hyundai strives toward with its design. Edgy, forward-thinking and purposeful; the KONA makes no compromises with its elegant shape and feel. Take, for example, the KONA's signature headlights, which are a focal point of the vehicle. These and other unique features make the KONA stand out above the rest.

Adaptable every day of the week

From front to back, this vehicle has been fitted with systems and features that maximise safety, driving and comfort. The KONA’s rear cross traffic alert looks out for moving dangers when reversing and a blind spot detection system is there to add to your safety when changing lanes or turning. The KONA has a full infotainment system with iPhone and Android connectivity as well as drive-enhancing features like cruise control to help with those long trips.

Safety is covered

The KONA comes with a full selection of safety features alongside several technological advances from its predecessor. LED daytime running lights mean that you’ll get maximum visibility at all times and the Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) means that stalling on inclines will be a thing of the past.

We could go on, but why not find out first-hand for yourself? Visit our dealership today to test drive the Hyundai KONA.