i 20

Hyundai presents you with a vehicle that is perfect for any situation. All your needs and wants will be fulfilled with the i20.

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Electronic stability programme (ESP)
Seat warmers
294l trunk space


On the move

Both the manual and automatic models of the i20 are equipped with fantastic 1.2 and 1.4 litre engines respectfully. Both engines allow for amazing acceleration and a silky-smooth drive on the roads. Your experience will be enhanced with the built-in entertainment. A great music system, and responsive speakers will never let you down when listening to your favourite tunes. The i20 gives you entertainment and exhilaration all in one.

Terrific tech

The i20 comes packed with a tonne of technological advancements and conveniences. The fluid air-conditioning will keep everybody cool in the vehicle. The glove box has been fitted with an amazing cooling system that will keep your drink ice-cold on a long hot trip. The brilliant display and dashboard will ensure you always know where everything is.

Spacious times

The layout of the interior allows generous space for everybody inside. Never feel cramped or trapped in the i20. The 294-litre trunk also delivers amazing room. Whether you want to go away on holiday or need to fulfil a personal or business need, the i20 can handle it all.

Look no further than the new i20 for a vehicle like no other.