The 2018 H1 Bus is the perfect vehicle designed to take you and your family wherever you need to go. 

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Ideal for work or leisure
2.5L CRDi Diesel Engine

H1 Bus

Entertainment has never sounded better

The H1 Bus has been fitted with an audio system that will forever amaze every passenger. The vehicle comes with a high-quality touchscreen infotainment system that also features SATNAV. This ensures that you have utmost control over your entertainment system. Strategically fitted with top-of-the-range speakers, the H1 Bus ensures that every passenger is immersed in high quality sound.

Comfort comes standard

Every journey has its surprises, but with the H1 Bus, a comfortable experience will always be a constant. The vehicle sports a leather interior finish with ample space, giving you and your passengers a comfortable journey from start to end. Space is an important feature when it comes to the H1 Bus, which is why the cargo space in the rear has been designed to ensure easy loading.

Performance at its finest

The H1 Bus flaunts a variety of engine sizes that all come with different features. This ranges from multi-point fuel injection to 16-valve technology. An array of features ensure that the vehicle minimises its emissions while still maximising fuel efficiency and power.

Don’t miss out on what the H1 Bus has to offer you.